The Consumer Product Safety Commission recently released its three-step guide to Halloween safety. Just before the release—as if to illustrate its points—the agency, in cooperation with Target, announced a recall of a plush frog Halloween mask. The masks, of which about 3,400 were sold at Target stores in August and September, lack proper ventilation and can suffocate children.

This year, have a Halloween that’s safe as well as fun. Courtesy the CPSC, here’s how:

• Prevent fires and burns: Use flame-retardant materials when buying or making costumes and accessories. Choose electric candles and lights instead of open-flame ones.
• See & be seen: Trim costumes and outerwear in reflective tape. Carry flashlights or glow sticks when trick-or-treating after dusk.
• Fit for safety: Ensure that costumes fit correctly (Overlong garments can drag on the ground and cause falls). Wear hats, scarves and masks in a way that allows adequate visibility and ventilation.

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