Partner Daniel Hodes authored an article published in ExpertBeacon, discussing the do’s and don’ts to consider before filing a suit for misdiagnosed breast cancer, a disturbingly common medical malpractice case that can stem from a variety of medical errors and oversights.

Before filing a lawsuit, Mr. Hodes suggests consulting with an experienced medical malpractice attorney to obtain all relevant medical and clinical records, as well as providing them with a written timeline of every relevant event. Along with the proper counsel, medical experts are needed to prove the elements of your case. “In a breast cancer case, you must prove that as a result of the misdiagnosis, your cancer advanced in stage, your treatment was different and/or your prognosis was negatively impacted,” says Mr. Hodes.

When considering this type of case, Mr. Hodes reminds clients to refrain from posting anything online about the case as these posts can undermine credibility and derail the case. He advises to not get discouraged as medical malpractice cases can take months or even years to come to completion.  Moreover, he tells his clients to not lose perspective, adding, “Your treatment and recovery must remain your first priority.”

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