Manufacturers of children’s jewelry have until December 16 to regulate their products’ cadmium content—or the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) will do it for them.

That ultimatum came from the agency in a notice in the Federal Register on September 16. The CPSC also acceded to a request from a number of consumer groups—including the Sierra Club—that cadmium be banned unless a safe level of the substance can be established. After receiving the request last year, CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum said retailers and manufacturers must act “to protect the health and safety of consumers.”

Cadmium is a toxic metal that, if ingested, can lead to liver and kidney damage. According to the groups that petitioned the CPSC, kids’ jewelry makers are increasingly using it in their products because it’s cheaper and less regulated than lead. Indeed, Dress Barn, Claire’s and McDonald’s all have recalled products recently after finding that they contained cadmium.

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