The Stanford News reports that Nora Freeman Engstrom, an associate law professor at Stanford University, has published an analysis of the potential effects that 3D printing technology could have on future product liability lawsuits.

According to Engstrom’s research, which was published in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, 3D printing – in which printers create three-dimensional products from a computer-based design template – could cause a considerable shift in approach toward product liability litigation. Namely, if a consumer prints a faulty product at home, who is accountable for the damages? Engstrom points out that product liability law only applies to ‘commercial’ sellers, rather than “casual” sellers, which means that a person injured by a product they printed themselves at home would likely have to prove negligence on the part of the manufacturer in order to win a lawsuit.

Conversely, 3D printed objects that are commercially printed and distributed are more likely to be subject to product liability lawsuits if they prove to be faulty.

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