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When a student makes the decision to become a doctor, he or she is making one of the most long-term commitments a person can make.  After years of schooling and practice, it’s time for graduates to test their skills in the real world.  They are expected to always achieve perfect results.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  Sometimes things go wrong, horribly wrong!  Prepare yourself for some insanely shocking cases of medical malpractice.  You may think twice before going under the knife!

Prepare yourself for some insanely shocking cases of medical malpractice. You may think twice before going under the knife!


10. Foreign Objects in the Gut, $11 Million

medical malpractice negligent doctors

An Arizona man was on his last leg, while on life support in an assisted living facility, when the employees decided to have some sadistic fun with the dying man.  After his death, all types of foreign objects were discovered in his gut, including plastic bags, ketchup packets and candy wrappers.  Maybe, they need to do a better job screening their employees for insanity before hiring them!

9. Cerebral Palsy, $11.4 Million

In 2005, a Wisconsin woman gave birth to a son with cerebral palsy.  During the birth, the nurse midwife and nurse failed to act after misreading the monitor.  The baby was in distress.  The court ruled in favor of the mother and awarded her a mighty large sum because of the nurses’ negligence.  The doctor on the scene was cleared of any charges.


8. Breast Cancer, $15 Million

A woman in New York discovered a small lump in her chest about the size of a marble.  When her doctor examined the lump, he stated there was “no evidence of malignancy.”  Fast forward a year and half, the woman’s lump was now the size of a golf ball.  She was forced to have a mastectomy, radiation treatments and chemotherapy.  After the treatments, she decided to sue her doctor and won.

7. Injuries During Birth, $20.5 Million

child injured at birth

This is another case of negligence during childbirth.  A woman from Pennsylvania sued the doctor and medical center after her child suffered injuries during birth.  In result, the boy now lives with cerebral palsy, is nearly blind in one eye and cannot use his hands.  The parents received $2 million, and their son received $18.5 million when he turned 18.


6. Oxygen Deprivation During Birth, $23.2 Million

This case set the bar in Minnesota with its huge settlement.  During childbirth, the baby girl did not receive ample amounts of oxygen.  She now suffers from neurological problems, seizures and quadriplegic cerebral palsy.


5. Misdiagnosed Heart Condition, $25 Million

misread heart monitor

A Virginia man had his heart check by a cardiologist, and the doctor gave him a glowing report.  The doctor took him off his heart meds and told him over-the-counter meds would do just fine.  A few months later, the man experienced a debilitating heart attack.  Since the attack, he has undergone seven surgeries and now needs a heart transplant within five years.


4. Oxygen Starvation, $31 Million

It took nearly 14 years for this case to get settled in Florida.  In 1998, a mother received too many drugs to induce labor.  The drugs starved her unborn child of oxygen which lead to the child suffering from severe cerebral palsy.  Due to a cap on medical malpractice awards, the women received only $15 million of the $31million.


3. Hard Financial Times, $38.5 Million

In 2008, a man in Florida began experiencing strange cramps in his leg and shoulder.  The doctor suggested manual joint manipulations which required anesthesia.  During the procedure, the patient suffered from lack of oxygen to the brain and remained in a coma for four years.  Later on, the doctor admitted the procedure was unnecessary, and he was only looking to boost his income.


2. Brain Damage, $58.6 Million

Here is another case of medical professionals failing to act while a baby was in distress during childbirth.  The doctor failed to order a c-section delivery, and in result the poor child suffered severe brain damage.  The boy now lives in Connecticut, he is unable to talk, walk and eat.

hospital negligence falsified records

1. Falsified Medical Records, $74.5 Million

Doctors in California completely failed to properly deliver a baby who now suffers from cerebral palsy.  The doctor in charge chose not to perform an episiotomy, did not use forceps during the delivery and failed to assess contractions.  The hospital refused to accept its negligence and went as far as falsifying medical records in an attempt to cover up their tracks.