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Partner Jeffrey Milman authored the article, “Expert Advice for Veterans on Successfully Suing the VA,” published in ExpertBeacon discussing what veterans need to consider before bringing a lawsuit against the federal government. The article outlines what veterans should and shouldn’t do in order to minimize the hardship of a legal suit and see that justice is served.

Mr. Milman recommends veterans obtain relevant medical records, save evidence and correspondence as well as inform their attorney of relevant personal history, including a disability rating. Furthermore, the law bars service men and women in active duty from filing a claim for negligence, so ensure that you’re in the right classification in order to mount a lawsuit.

The article also examines factors that could potentially sabotage a case, including letters or emails sent to the defendants, content posted to social media websites and the concealment of a criminal record. Mr. Milman urges veterans to be aware of the implications filing a claim can have on future benefits and how much compensation you are authorized to receive under state laws.

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